I’m a devoted aunt/godmother, loving wife to my husband that was worth waiting for, former child-development specialist who now can’t hear the children well enough to work directly with them. My craft room (Hubby calls it the WomanCave) is my favorite room in the house, followed closely by the kitchen. I have dabbled in a lot of creative materials but paper and photos are the ones I have spent the most time on for at least a dozen years now. I waver back and forth between scrapbooking and cardmaking as to my favorite, but they are both near and dear to my heart. Love cooking and baking, too. (Dream vacation is a culinary your of Italy.) Tried knitting, not so much. Really can’t keep indoor plants going worth a darn. Made the hair pins I wore for my wedding but otherwise haven’t gotten into making jewelry. Still go back to counted cross-stitch sometimes. When you can get me out of those two rooms of my house, I put a lot of time into my church (Episcopal), the women’s organization that I am proud to be a third-generation member of (PEO,) and other volunteer opportunities such as the Make-A-Wish foundation.

The subjects I scrap most often are my 4 godchildren who are also my nephew and nieces. My sister and her husband are doing a wonderful job raising these 4 vastly different personalities and I love being a part of their lives and the fact that they really know me, which was a big reason I moved back to the Chicago area in 2001 after 12 years on the west coast. Love being the one to buy them their first real Bibles. Love that I can tell Maren’s voice on the phone from her twin sister Kirsten’s voice, and that I’ve seen 3 of Gunnar’s hockey tournaments to date and that Karenna is turning into a mini-me. After those 4, my husband Bill, his son Trever and the rest of my family, as well as our vacations (small and grand) are the photos that make it into albums of some type.

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